5 Steps to Develop a Before & After Portfolio for Injectors

Did you know that patients are more likely to choose you as their injector if they receive visual reassurance of your work and results? A portfolio of your before and after cases gives patients confidence in your results and drives them to you! Putting together a portfolio may seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. However, FACETEC provides easy-to-use tools to help you streamline the process and create high-quality before and after galleries of your work.


How to Create an Outstanding Before & After Portfolio in 5 Steps using FACETEC


Standardizing Your Photos

The first step to in building a Portfolio is to have consistent and high-quality images by standardizing your patient photography. FACETEC provides the Roberts Facial Rejuvenation Photography™ as a template in each patient’s chart. The RFRP series includes 29+ photos, including photography techniques on how to frame your subject, camera settings for consistent magnification (including f-stops) depth/distance, etc. The series is taken at each appointment. (If you don’t take all of the photos within the series, you can simply edit or remove specific photos from the template you don’t want to use).


Upload Photos from the Consultation

During your patient’s consultation, simply upload the first set of your photography series into your patient’s chart prior to treatment. This will be the patient’s “Before” photos.


Take Follow Up Photos for Their Record

When you have the patient return for their post-op or follow-up appointment, retake the photography series and upload it into the patient’s chart as a new visit. This will be the patient’s “After” photos.


Compare the Results

You can now access your results using the “Compare” tool. Simply scroll through the photography series to compare the photos taken from each of the two appointments.


Add Cases to Your Portfolio

If you have a powerful case, add the Before & After photo pair into your portfolio. As you add more cases to your portfolio, you can create new folders to further represent your practice’s needs as it evolves. To start, you may want to create folders within the portfolio based on the following:

  • Top Requested Treatment Areas (ie: Glabella, Frontalis, Crows Feet, Platysma, Lip Augmentation, Nasolabial Folds, Cheeks, Tear Trough, Marionette Lines, etc.).
  • Demographics (Woman 35-50, Women 20-30, Males, etc)
  • Therapeutic Treatments
  • Brand/product Used (ie: Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Revanesse, etc)


FACETEC’s 5 simple steps make it easy to create your portfolio. It’s time to show off your work, attract patients, and build a portfolio you are proud of. Click here to learn more,