10 Steps to Start Marketing Yourself as a New Injector

Despite your exceptional skills as an injector, it can be a struggle to showcase your work in the best light. From managing and comparing photography, to developing before and after galleries, both can be time consuming. Using FACETEC, aesthetic injectors can now easily market themselves by using the platform to store and compare photographs, as well as save your top cases into before & after galleries. Additional tools offered in FACETEC allow you to share your work across your website, social media, as well as your practice’s reception/waiting area.

If you’re new to injecting, here’s how you can kick-start marketing your injectable practice:

  1. Ask your team to help you identify five to ten close acquaintances or patients to treat. This could be friends, family, staff or top patients. You could offer treatment at no-cost (or a reduced cost) in exchange for asking them to grant permission to share their before & after photos.
  2. Book each patient in the FACETEC Schedule. Save time by emailing each patient the link to their in-take form so that they can complete their registration before arriving for their appointment.
  3. When your patient arrive’s for their appointment, have your team take the patient’s photos using FACETEC to get the standardized series of photos (provided by PTIFA). You can then upload the photos into the patient’s chart as the “hefore” photos.
  4. During the consultation, you can review your patient’s medical conditions, consent & photos within the FACETEC platform.
  5. Quickly record treatment provided using the templated charting tool, as well as any other treatment notes.
  6. Before your patient leaves, schedule them back for their post-op appointment to follow up with their results.
  7. When the patient arrives for their post-op appointment, have your team take the same photography series and upload these photos into a new visit in the patient’s chart. These are the “after” photos.
  8. Use the “Compare” tool to compare and asses results. Scroll through the photography series to see the two different views from each visit.
  9. Once you have a photo pair that shows a powerful result, simply save this photo into your portfolio. You can create a folder such as “Botox Cases”, “Glabella Cases” or “Females 35-45 years”.
  10. Within your FACETEC Portfolio, you can now use these cases in future consultations or market your work to future patients using the additional marketing tools available in FACETEC.

FACETEC makes it easy to grow your injectable practice by integrating solutions all in one platform. It’s time to showcase your talent and watch your business grow. Contact us for support, questions, and assistance.