Carly Olynyk is the Founder & CEO of FACETEC. Having worked in the field of dental & medical aesthetics for over 10 years, both as the Director at the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics and as the Sales & Marketing Manager at the Frontier Dental Lab Group (formerly the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies), Carly observed many doctors facing the challenge of marketing themselves within a competitive aesthetic market. 

Patients today want visual reassurance by reviewing their injector’s previous work and results. Despite the exceptional skill of many practitioners, it can be a struggle to showcase your work in the best light. The process is time-consuming, demands consistency of images leading to challenges in presenting high-quality before and after galleries.

With a vision of helping practitioners grow the injectable side of their practice, Carly founded FACETEC in 2016 in Vancouver, BC. Today, FACETEC empowers Dentists, Physicians, Nurses, Naturopaths and Pharmacists as an EMR used for both managing injectable records, as well as an intuitive platform for developing portfolios of your top before-and-after cases to help showcase your individual talent as an injector.  

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Headshot of Carly Olynyk

Carly Olynyk
Founder & CEO

Our Purpose

Whether you are a new injector, or if you have been injecting for years, FACETEC is committed to empowering you with easy to use tools to help showcase your work in the best light and to help grow your practice.


FACETEC is used by some of the top injectors in North America. An intuitive interface designed to not only improve practice efficiency, but to allow you to easily build portfolios of your top work so that you can grow the injectable side of your practice. 

What FACETEC Injectors Are Saying…

In 40+ years of practice, I have learned in diagnosis and treatment acceptance that there is far more patient retention when using photography (82%) than just verbal explanations (8%). In the past we relied on before & after photo albums. These are still useful, however FACETEC allows instantaneous viewing of your patient photographic series.

There is immediate comparison to any previous photo series, which is important for patient analysis & at recare. Using FACETEC, we have 100% patient case acceptance for initial & recare appointments. Patients appreciate the portfolio mode…

With one click, to be able to save great comparison photos is invaluable, allowing us to separate photos by treatment, gender, age, ethnicity etc. There is no going back!

Dr. Warren Roberts (Vancouver, BC)

Clinical Director of the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics


95% of members say…

“FACETEC has been a key tool for growing the injectable side of my practice.”

98% of members say…

“FACETEC has helped improve my practice efficiency for injectables.”

94% of members say…

“FACETEC has helped increase case acceptance in my practice.”

99% of members say…

“FACETEC has helped me and saved me time in creating galleries of my own before & after cases.”